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The school recognises that growing up through the teenage years can present problems for many young people. Consequently, the school has many levels of support to minimise the impact of these problems on the students' learning.

The Abbey School recognises that there are many layers of guidance needed to fully support students during times of learning, success and challenge. Therefore we have an extensive team dedicated to that purpose. We know that by having a network of committed and caring staff with up-to-date resources (including knowledge of appropriate learning, wellbeing and healthy living apps) our students will be able to enjoy and engage with their learning and life at school. Tutors and Heads of Year will be at the forefront, mentoring students as they develop their social skills and ability to work in a team. They will lead the way so students can become more persistent and resilient by learning to overcome obstacles. Through their academic and pastoral journey, our students also realise that as much as we insist on excellence towards learning, being part of our school is not just about exams. As they move up through the school, students become role models, they learn to give back to the school and local community and gain that essential understanding that to be truly successful, learning is a lifelong journey. To do this we have:

  • Form Tutors
  • Pastoral Assistants
  • Heads of Year
  • Director of Student Conduct and Wellbeing
  • Deputy Head Pastoral Lead
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead 
  • Attendance Officer

We understand that for some students and their families, additional support is required both inside and outside of school to ensure they are able to perform successfully in their studies. The pastoral staff teams at The Abbey School are experienced in working with, and referring young people and their families to, staff and agencies that offer extended services including:

  • Neurodiversity Support and Advice (ASC, ADHD, Dyslexia, Speech & Language)
  • Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Services
  • Early Help
  • Local Police Community Support Officers
  • SEN

In addition to this we have an experienced SEN department led by a qualified SENCO and Deputy SENCO who not only ensure students with additional needs and EHCPs are being successful within the school, but also offer communication screening and family support for Educational Health Care Plan applications.