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Local Academy Board

The Governors are responsible for the school on behalf of the Members of the Academy Trust.

The Abbey School governors are people from the school’s community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. We are volunteers who attend meetings and work together to further The Abbey School’s development. Together with the headteacher we set the future direction for The Abbey School and decide how the school’s budget should be spent.

The Governing body makes decisions collectively on matters such as setting strategic direction, school policies, ensuring accountability, the school’s development plan, and monitoring and evaluating school performance. The Headteacher provides an Induction Programme and an Induction Handbook to all new Governors prior to their first Full Governing Body meeting.

Links to the Governing Body Designations List and Governor Responsibilities – Themes and Subjects for the current academic year are shown below.

If you wish to contact the Governors this should be by letter addressed to the Chair of Governors and sent via the school office.

Governance Information

The Local Academy Board of The Abbey School: 

  • Dr Rowland Speller (Headteacher) 
  • Trevor Martin (Trust Appointed - Chair of Governors) 
  • Susie Keeling (Trust Appointed - Vice-Chair of Governors) 
  • Dr Frances Rehal (Trust Appointed) 
  • Gille-Anne Johnson (Parent) 
  • Cian McCormack (Staff) 
  • Sarah Priest (Staff) 
  • Gladys Enti (Trust Appointed) 
  • Su Card (Trust Appointed) 

For details of the Members and Directors of The Howard Academy Trust please click here.

Diversity Indicators

A link to our 2023-2024 THAT Governance Diversity Indicators can be found here.


Name Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests
(including governance roles in other education institutions)
Attendance record at meetings for the academic year
Dr  Rowland Speller (Headteacher) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
None Declared  N/A 
Trevor Martin (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 

Civil Servant DWP 
Trustee: Faversham district Scouts, Faversham Municipal charities. Faversham municipal Charities 2020, The Abbey School Faversham 
Membership: Faversham Town council, Faversham Town Twinning Association, Faversham Horticultural Society 
Ward Councillor for the Ward that The Abbey School Faversham is in  

Susie Keeling (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
Retired  N/A 
Dr Frances Rehal (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 

Self Employed 
Director & Trustee: Improving Outcomes and Solutions 
Membership: Secretary of a local political party 
Husband is an educational psychologist and educational consultant 

Gille-Anne Johnson (Parent) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
Employment - Memoria  N/A 
Cian McCormack (Staff) 
Appointed: 25/05/23 
None Declared  N/A 
Sarah Priest (Staff) 
Appointed: 02/06/23 
None Declared  N/A 
Gladys Enti (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 16/11/23 

Sole proprietor & Director - Bright Future Education Ltd 
Membership - Medway Ghanaian Association Vice chair 
Runs an education recruitment supply agency and offers tuition 

Su Card (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/12/23 
Retired N/A 

Past Governors

David Shermoon (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
Resigned: 09/01/24 

None Declared  N/A 
Neil Levitt (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
None Declared  N/A 

Daniela Brodkorb (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
Resigned: 20/11/23 

None Declared  N/A 

Philip King (Trust Appointed) 
Appointed: 04/01/23 
Resigned: 04/01/24 

None Declared  N/A 

Sarah Best (Parent) 
Appointed: 01/04/23 
Resigned: 09/01/24 

Employment - NHS  N/A 

Last Updated: 30th January 2024